“...I have been in this industry for many years so I’ve had a great deal of experience working with integration companies.  I can testify without reservation that Celerity Integrated Services is among a very few firms that I rate as being top-notch in the industry.” – James L. Young JR, MPM, FAAPM, Consultant, Senior Project Manager, and President of Venture Initiatives, LLC

Celerity is...

The Leader In Next Mile Wireless and Fiber Optic Technologies. In a day when speed is paramount, we are wired to the principle that a job worth doing is one worth doing well.  We take the time to understand and properly plan a job, to execute it with craftsmanship, and to finish it with the meticulous documentation that equips our customers with the critical information they need.

What We Do

Celerity provides engineering, installation, servicing and maintenance of wireless and fiber optic infrastructure. We provide quality craftsmanship in building the highway for high tech communications regardless of content. With professionalism and attention to detail, manifested in meticulous documentation of each job from initial proposal to close out package, and supported by well-trained and certified employees, Celerity is thorough, agile and responsive. Celerity is craftsmanship in technology.

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